Liverpool Captain: Alexander-Arnold Performance Extraordinaire

Liverpool Captain: Alexander-Arnold Performance Extraordinaire

Went-wing defender Alexander-Arnold (18) scored his first goal for Liverpool FC in the first leg of the Champions League play-offs against Hoffenheim at the Stadium Stadium Rhein Neckar Arena on Tuesday (15/08/2017) Cara Daftar Sbobet.

Trent Alexander-Arnold managed to open Liverpool’s victory through a beautiful free-kick execution in the 35th minute.

The Reds managed to double the lead in the 74th minute after Hoffenheim midfielder Havard Nordveit unintentionally deflected the ball from James Milner’s cross.

Hoffenheim does not appear without a chance.

Several times the German representative had scoring chances, though only one resulted in the 87th minute through Marc Uth’s volley kick.

Responding to the first goal and performance of Alexander-Arnold in the game, captain Jordan Henderson admitted pleased.

In fact, 27-year-old midfielder called his great junior performance was not only happening in this fight.

“Incredible,” Henderson said of Alexander-Arnold’s performance.

“Since last season, he has performed well and during the pre-season until this match he performed very unusually,” he said.

Henderson also admitted that a successful free kick converted into a goal by Alexander-Arnold was the result of hard work, not a mere coincidence.

“He practiced a lot of free kicks in training sessions and the results have been seen in the last two weeks,” said Henderson.

“The Champions League is a big stage and he deserves praise, he should be able to keep this kind of performance in every game,” he said.

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