Diego Costa Ask Chelsea to Lower Price

Diego Costa Ask Chelsea to Lower Price

Diego Costa is keen to return to his old club, Atletico Madrid. He also asked the management of the Blues lowering the price.

Chelsea put a price of 50 million pounds, but Atletico Madrid is reportedly not wanting to pay that price. Costa persuaded Chelsea to lower the price to smooth its move to Atletico.

“My position is clear that if I do not go into next season’s plans, I want to choose my goals, Chelsea should not drive my fate to earn more money,” Costa said.

According to Costa, Chelsea should not have to be expensive because after all they do not want him.

“I’m not at the club not because of my mistake, if it’s all up to me, I’m still playing for Chelsea,” Costa said.

The Spanish striker was surprised because Chelsea took a long time decided to sell it.

“It’s not my desire to go from Chelsea, but they have to think twice about getting a lot of money,” he said.

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