Spalletti: Fighting Napoli Like Fighting Alien!

Spalletti: Fighting Napoli Like Fighting Alien!

Inter coach Luciano Spalletti is delighted as his side manage to maintain their unbeaten run of the season in Serie A and end the 100 percent record for Napoli

Spalletti described the Napoli players as “aliens” and also gave abundant praise to the Inter players after they managed to end the 100 per cent Partenopei record in Serie A this season with a 0-0 draw at Stadio San Paolo.

Samir Handanovic with a very good play, managed to make a tremendous rescue twice in the first round and then dispels Dries Mertens shot during injury time to successfully maintain the position.

“These players deserve praise, because many people keep saying that we are lucky – and we are happy about it – but my luck is actually I can work with these players,” he told local media after the game.

“We played very well tonight, Napoli as well. They are like aliens. The movement of the ball is very fast. They have an above average ability. ”

“We want to keep learning, but right now we’ve done a good start for the future.”

“We had trouble, but we managed to bring home valuable results. We know we can do it better. ”

“We have to keep playing well to keep the top four in Serie A.”

Handanovic’s heroic action successfully ended 13 Napoli victories in all the leagues and ensured it was the first time they failed to score since Napoli lost 2-0 to Atalanta in February.

Napoli coach Maurizio Sarri is not surprised by the slick appearance of Handanovic.

“Handanovic is a great goalkeeper. Currently he is one of the best goalkeepers in Europe, so naturally he played extraordinary tonight, “he said.

“The team plays consistently. During the first half, we managed to hit and excel in terms of ball possession. ”

“We made some adjustments to see if we can withstand the pressure. We managed to dominate 75 percent of the entire field with very strong opponents, so I think we have played well. “

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