Ronaldo: Spurs Victory Smell Luck

Ronaldo: Spurs Victory Smell Luck

Real Madrid are surprisingly to lose 1-3 of Tottenham Hotspur in the Champions League, early this morning

In a duel that took place at Wembley, Spurs have excelled midway through the first half. Where Dele Alli successfully scored the opening goal in the first half and after that Spurs can add two more goals in the second half before diminished by Cristiano Ronaldo.

And after the game ended, Ronaldo who could not hide his sense of council said if Madrid is not worth losing this dilaga. In addition Ronaldo also claimed that the victory of Spurs smelling luck. Because Tottenham’s first goal should be disallowed because it was stuck offside.

“The first goal should not have happened because it was offside. But we do not need to bemoan this defeat because we have to get up and fight to escape, “said Ronaldo on local amedia.

“We have to know if we are not as usual. However, I do not see us playing very badly and deserve to lose. Most importantly we have to be confident looking at the next game. “

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